Begin Your Journey to Optimal Health

Functional Nutrition is science based, personalized nutrition that focuses on finding the root cause of sub-optimal health.


Your body has the ability to heal given the right tools to return to vitality.

Practice Areas


Personalized medicine that gets to the root cause of illness and returns one to optimal health.  

Functional Nutrition


Uses many modalities to increase vitality and attain optimal health.

Integrative Nutrition


Autoimmune diseases are on the rise.  Find the causes of your illness and feel well again.


Feel and look great throughout the life cycle.  Decrease chronic disease.  



Ketogenic and Low Carbohydrate Diets

Ketogenic diets assist in weight loss, may decrease seizures and can act as an adjunct to cancer therapy.


Learn how you can improve your health by determining genetic defects.  


All appointments are now online via Telehealth or in your home.


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